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Welcome to TEXAVET

We’re proud to provide a wide variety of veterinary medical services for dogs & cats in Texas.

At Texavet, we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from having a pet as a beloved family member. Unfortunately, the increased cost of routine veterinary care has placed the option of responsible pet ownership outside the means of many people. As a Texas owned company, Texavet strives to change that by offering affordable preventative veterinary care at Low-Cost Pet Vaccine Clinics that operate in CVS parking lots throughout the Greater Houston area! To that end, Texavet brings affordable vaccines, parasite control, and heartworm testing to dogs & cats within our local communities.

Our Services

First Time Visitors


No need to pre-register! We are first come first serve! Just arrive with your pet in a climate controlled vehicle and your cat in a cat carrier. We want pets cool from the air conditioner and want to keep cats safe in their carriers. If you have prior medical records, please bring them, if not we have technicians on site to help determine vaccines necessary to keep them healthy. We even have bilingual staff at every clinic for Spanish speakers.

Head to the check-in table to complete registration by starting off your medical chart for each of your pets with your personal information and be sure to get a slip lead required for your dog(s) while visiting. This will get your place in line and you get to stay cool in your vehicle in comfort while you wait to get called by a technician.

When called, you can provide us history of your pet’s vaccinations, we will review it and make sure it still matches your pets’ need, weigh your pet and prepare vaccines. Don’t forget to have that slip lead on your dog! Safety is always a priority.

Our technician working directly with the licensed veterinarian will call you to the table and take over holding while we vaccinate and test for heartworm. Please allow our staff to handle your pet while vaccinating.

Return to your nice cool vehicle with your pet and wait for our check out customer service representatives to give you a call to collect payment and provide you with a copy of your medical record to have for future reference for grooming, boarding, or just hanging out at home.
If we have seen your pet in the last 12 months and you need prevention only, please complete step one and let the customer service representative know so we can get you to the dispensing station quickly.


For General Questions

Interested in a Career with Texavet? Click the link to see open positions we are hiring for.