About Texavet

Our mission is to provide professional affordable veterinary care!

At Texavet, we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from having a pet as a beloved family member. Unfortunately, the increased cost of routine veterinary care has placed the option of responsible pet ownership outside the means of many people.

Our Services

By bringing vaccinations, parasite control, and heartworm testing to dogs and cats in Texas communities. We also sell discounted flea control & heartworm prevention for families that choose to stretch their dollars a little farther by not using brand name medications.

We offer affordable preventative veterinary care at mobile vaccine clinics that may operate at CVS, Goodwill Industries, Dollar General, Big Lots, Tractor Supply Company, and other community locations on Saturdays & Sundays. These mobile vaccine clinics are made possible through the generous partnership of like-minded community-invested businesses that allow us to utilize their parking lots to host such events.

A licensed veterinarian is present on every vaccine clinic site. Preventative care plays a vital role in keeping your pet healthy.