The 5 in one puppy shot is a simple way to make sure your new pup gets protected from some of the most dangerous canine diseases. But what is this vaccine- and when should my dog receive it? Below, we’ll tell you what you need to know about the 5-in-one puppy shot.

The 5-in-one Puppy Shot: What is It?

So what is this vaccine anyway? Well, it’s a single shot that protects canines against five diseases: canine distemper virus, hepatitis, kennel cough, parainfluenza, and parvovirus. The shot is also known as DHPP, DAPP, or DA2PP, which indicates which diseases the shot protects against. The number of shots your dog needs will depend on their age. However, they will only need to receive one of 5-in-one puppy shots per vet visit.

Advantages of The 5-in-One Vaccine

Pet owners love the convenience of a 5-in-one shot. However, there are benefits for your dog as well. Your pet will get protection with as few needles as possible. Plus, a combo vaccine means there is less downtime if your dog experiences side effects. Another benefit? Since this vaccine is so common, it’s quick and easy to get your dog the shots they need.

Does My Dog Need Other Vaccines?

Yes! While the 5-in-one shot protects against some of the most common canine diseases, it doesn’t cover everything. It’s important that your dog receives the right vaccines in order to stay healthy. Your vet can create a vaccination plan that covers all of your dog’s needs.

Why Vaccination Matters

We get it- taking your dog (especially a puppy!) to the vet isn’t always easy. However, it’s crucial that your puppy gets their vaccines. Many canine illnesses are deadly and untreatable, which means vaccines are the only line of defense a dog has. Plus, some illnesses can spread to other pets- and also to humans. Protect your dog- and the rest of your family- by sticking to your vet’s vaccine plans.

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