You’re ready to welcome your new puppy. But is your apartment ready, too? Making a few key changes to your apartment will help to keep your home safe and clean while your pup explores their new home. Read on to learn how to puppy-proof your apartment.

Talk To Your Management Company

Before you learn how to puppy-proof your apartment, make sure your puppy is actually allowed in the unit! Many rental properties have restrictions on pets, and others might require an extra security deposit before you bring your new friend home. Make sure you’re following all the rules from the beginning of the process.

Start By Decluttering

The easiest way to start puppy-proofing is by cleaning up your items. Clear your floors and make sure any small or valuable items are put out of reach. Also make sure that your shoes, remote controls, and other items have a secure place where they can be stored. Puppies will chew on just about anything, so prepare by putting your things away in advance!

Get the Right Supplies

Since puppies love to chew, scratch, and play, it’s important to give them the right toys for these behaviors. Before your pup comes home, get plenty of special toys just for them. Also make sure to get a leash, collar, waste bags, and other tools for outdoor fun. This way, your puppy can get its energy out in a positive way.

Think About Safety

Plenty of everyday household items can be dangerous for pets- especially those who are young and curious. Before your puppy comes home, make sure all medicines, cleaning products, electrical cords, and cables are out of reach. Also make sure chocolate and other dog-dangerous food items are properly stored. Finally, make sure you have secure trash cans and recycling bins. Puppies love to explore garbage, which can be full of dangerous materials.

Talk To Your Vet

Have questions about how to puppy-proof your apartment? Your vet can help. They can also give you breed-specific information that will help your specific puppy settle into the family. For more information on your new best friend, call Texavet today.