Cats Vaccines

Protect your pets from common illnesses and strengthen their overall health. At Texavet, we make it easy! Our certified vets provide safe and effective vaccines for both dogs and cats. We offer convenient packages, as well as individual vaccinations. Read on to learn more about what we offer.

Vaccines For Cats

Cats need annual vaccines to stay healthy! Even indoor cats are vulnerable to different diseases. Vaccines help to keep your cats safe while also preventing the spread of diseases across your community. We offer both individual vaccines and also vaccine packages, making it easy to care for your cat.

Kitten Vaccines

Protect your kitten from common feline illnesses so they can start life as healthy as possible. Vaccination is one of the easiest ways to protect your kitten’s health. We offer three different vaccine packages just for kittens, offering protection from various diseases.

All of our kitten packages provide FVRCP vaccines and deworming, with some packages also covering FELV and rabies. Not sure which option is right for your kitten? Give us a call. We’ll walk through your kitten’s health history and lifestyle to help you choose the best package.

Annual Vaccines

Our annual vaccine package makes it easy to keep up with your cat’s overall health. This package protects cats from common diseases by boosting the vaccines they received as kittens. The annual vaccine package can easily be added to our general wellness exams. This means that cats get a total health exam, while owners get valuable information and peace of mind.

Our annual vaccine package for cats includes rabies, FVRCP, and FeLV vaccinations. We also offer additional vaccines, depending on your cat’s needs. Ask your vet for more information.

Individual Vaccines

Cats require regular vaccinations to stay protected from feline illnesses. But which vaccines does your cat need? While some vaccines are recommended for all cats, others will depend on your cat’s lifestyle and overall health.

We offer a variety of individual vaccines for cats, allowing you to customize the diseases that your cat is protected against. These vaccines can be given individually or added to your cat’s annual vaccine package.

Preventive Care

A healthy pet is a happy pet. At Texavet, we offer a variety of preventative care services to help your dogs and cats thrive. From routine exams and testing to disease management and microchipping, we are your one-stop-shop for animal care. Read on to learn about some of our most popular services.

Wellness Exams

Pets need regular check-ups, just like humans. We offer annual wellness visits to check on your dog or cat’s overall health. We will check your pet’s weight and temperature, listen to their heart and lungs, and conduct a physical exam. We can also run blood work, prescribe medication, and give any necessary vaccines. During your pet’s wellness visit, you will also have plenty of time to talk with the vet and ask questions. This way, you’ll be able to be proactive about your pet’s health in the future.

Kitten Care

Congratulations on your new arrival! Now that you have a kitten, we offer plenty of services to help your new friend grow up healthy and strong. We’ll check the animal’s weight and also perform basic tests to ensure proper development. We offer kitten vaccination packages, spaying and neutering, and other services specifically designed for younger animals.


Vaccines are one of the easiest ways to protect your dog or cat’s health. And they’re not just good for your pet- vaccines also protect other animals in the community, as well as humans who might come in contact with your animal! We offer a variety of vaccinations to protect against common diseases. We have convenient vaccine packages, as well as individual vaccines. Click here to learn more about our vaccinations.


Fleas and ticks are common external parasites that a lot of animals deal with. Both fleas and ticks can cause massive irritation for your pet. They can also carry harmful diseases. Luckily, there are treatments available for flea and tick outbreaks, as well as a variety of preventative measures that pet owners can take.

Flea and tick prevention varies based on your pet and also your environment. We can help you create a flea and tick prevention plan that is customized to your dog or cat’s needs.



Rabies is one of the most well-known animal diseases, and for good reason. Rabies spreads via the saliva of an infected animal. If your pet is bitten by an animal with rabies, then the disease can spread rapidly. Once the signs of rabies appear, the disease is almost always fatal.


FeLV (feline leukemia viruses) are common feline illnesses that can have devastating consequences. This condition weakers the animal’s immune system, leaving them vulnerable to other infections. This disease can be cured. However, regular testing and early detection can increase treatment options for infected cats. Vaccinations are also available for this diseases.


Kittens need a variety of vaccines to stay protected against illnesses. The FVRCP vaccine is a combination vaccine that protects against many of these diseases, including feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, and feline panleukopenia. These diseases are highly contagious and severe cases can even be fatal. The FVRCP vaccine is given to kittens every three to four weeks until the age of 16-20 months old. They should then receive shots after their one-year checkup, with additional shots yearly.