If you’re going out of town, then you want to make sure your dog will be safe and happy until you return. There are plenty of great boarding facilities to watch your pet during your trip. However, if your pup is anxious, then you might be worried to leave them with a stranger. Don’t worry- there are some simple ways to help your friend feel more comfortable. Here are our top 5 tips for boarding an anxious dog.

1- Plan Ahead

If you’re boarding an anxious dog, then the first thing to do is plan ahead. Find the right kennel early, and talk to the staff about your concerns. Many boarding facilities also have drop-in doggy daycare. Consider bringing your dog in for shorter visits before your larger trip.

2- Work on Socializing

Dogs are social creatures, just like people! While might be your pup’s best friend, it is important that he or she also has canine companions. Before boarding an anxious dog, make sure they are well-socialized and used to playing with others. This will help them adjust to being boarded, since they will be around other pups during their stay.

3- Pack For Your Pup

A few comfort items can make a world of difference when boarding your pet. Consider packing a favorite toy, bed, or another item that they love to help them adjust to being boarded. You might also want to pack a t-shirt, blanket, or another comfy item that smells like home.

4- Consider Other Options

Of course, boarding isn’t the only option for pets. Your dog might do better with an in-home pet sitter. Some pets might also prefer to stay with a friend or family member, especially if it’s a person who your pet already knows and trusts. Weigh your options and choose what’s right for your family.

5- Talk To Your Vet

If you’re boarding an anxious dog, then talk to your vet. They can help you create solutions that are just right for your pet. They might also be able to give you anxiety medications or other tools to help your animal remain calm. Ready to learn more? Call Texavet today.